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Visiting China in spring 2017 changed my business focus completly.

Invited by Winliner I had a speak at YiWu eCommerce Conference.

And I had the first chance to meet a Vice President of JD.COM.

Afterwards Winliner showed me China and I was flashed by seeing how far eCommerce is going in China.


On April, 14th 2017 we visited the new Free Trade Zone in Wuhan, Central China.

Just two days later, after thinking about all of the opportunities in China, the birth of PANDA.BLACK happened in Foshan, South China. Winliner and I signed a MOA to start a cooperation to connect European businesses and chinese businesses. Project called EUxCN.

In February 2018 my brother Robin and I founded the PANDA.BLACK GmbH, a German company building an eCommerce Platform as a digital bridge to bring German High Quality Products to China.