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A must for every merchant – meet the first customer in person

The pilot phase on JD.COM has started and the first sales are being made. Of course, it is a special moment for every retailer when after a lot of preparation goods are finally sold. My first questions to the team are always what has been sold, to whom and where does the customer live?

The very first sale was made by a customer from Beijing. She bought MISS GERMANY pantyhose from PANDA.BLACK.

We are in Beijing and want to visit JD.COM the next day. What could be better than meeting our very first customer today?

From the telephone conversation we already notice that she is a very sympathetic lady. It is not common in China for an online retailer to meet the customer in the real world. The customer is a bit surprised at the beginning, but when she heard that we were from Germany and that she was our first customer, she understood us and is interested in meeting us. Although she is not close, she wants to come to us and meet her friends from Germany.

We meet in front of a shopping mall. Right from the start we are likeable and go for a coffee together.



She is a working mother in good position in a government agency and wife. She tells us how she found us and her great enthusiasm about German products. She has already worn German stockings and was very satisfied with the quality. Therefore she searched JD.COM for German stockings and found and bought our offer from MISS GERMANY.

We naturally ask many questions about why German products are so popular and how she searches for products on JD.COM. It was an open and cheerful meeting between dealer and customer.

In the meantime the customer was so enthusiastic that she has contact with us Germans that she would like to invite us to dinner in any case. Of course we can’t and won’t refuse this honour and meet for dinner together with her German speaking friend in an authentic Peking fire pot restaurant.

Feuertopf is a very popular dish in China. The restaurant was huge, over two floors and we have to wait a little until we get a place. As it is usual in China, one takes a number and waits outside for provided stools. When it starts, we get a table on the upper floor in a huge hall with a volume like in a football stadium. In this Mongolian version of a fire pot, a broth is heated with glowing charcoal, in which various dishes are cooked. Very varied and extremely tasty. Quickly we all have a red head from the heat.




We still talk a lot about eCommerce in China and both ladies like to actively support PANDA.BLACK and the first thoughts about a PANDA.BLACK shop in Beijing are being considered.

My assistant Mia just says “Oliver is overjoyed, just look at the photo”.